Love and body peace STAY POSITIVE

At IVALO.COM, joy and positivity are important values.

IVALO.COM aims to make sustainability the new norm in the clothing industry. We want to renew, innovate and learn.

The new age of sustainability also includes accepting and respecting diversity.

Diversity breathes a sense of seeing and listening to difference, even in the fashion world of narrow perceptions. It is time to say goodbye to the narrow ideals of beauty of the past.

IVALO.COM contributes to the equality movement and the diversity debate by showing curves, "mistakes" and naturality more daringly than in the conventional fashion world.

Together with innovative fashion brands, we make visible the presentation of all kinds of bodies, including marginalized and discriminated bodies, with human rights and the promise to be present.

We constantly communicate customer feedback and requests to sustainable fashion manufacturers on issues such as plus size collections, unisex clothing or the use of rich and diverse imagery in their advertising.

Everyone has the right to live, thrive, and enjoy dressing up!


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Women's Swimwear

How to get a bikini body? Put a bikini on.

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It all starts with a stunning underwear.

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