In the materialism heaven, less is more.

The joy of a closet relies on a lovely material on your skin. Safe favorite pants. Sweater, wearing of which is a pleasure. A dress or underwear that themself are an experience. A bag that has a story. A jacket that you want to wear through decades. 

IVALO.COM has picked sustainable fashion that gives you pieces for a good life to the spring season. SIMPLE LIVING is a collection of simplicity and timelessness, the easiness of practice, and Scandinavian design. Bringing room, clarity, and light to your style and wardrobe. By helping you to find what is meaningful to you.

For a lighter life

The year is taking a turn. Gloomy weeks are ending while we catch the first flash of the spring, and we are on our way towards the new meaningfulness. 

The feeling of satisfaction and calmness relates to the fact that we can enjoy things we already have. We don’t cling to will and goals but focus on a moment and the freedom it offers. While reminding each other that we care.

Happiness is found from a smile and touch, focusing on things that matter, and giving up on what’s necessary.

Simplicity is the key.