Scandinavian style is world famous and admired from one continent to the next. You don't necessarily need Swedish and Danish design for Scandinavian style in order to embrace it!

Contemporary Scandinavian style is made easy. Get a basic selection of quality, timeless and clean pieces for your wardrobe, with a touch of casualness and seasonal shades.

Functionality is key. The elements of Scandinavian style are versatility, comfort, and practicality. Clothes, shoes, and accessories should not only look nice but also be functional.

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Scandinavian style is born from ecological materials and a loose, relaxed design. The colors used are mainly black and white, with shades of grey and brown.


Include easy basic pieces to your wardrobe and create a care-free capsule where everything fits together. Get inspired by our example capsule.

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This autumn, the Scandinavian world of minimalist shades will be also spiced up with strong greens, glowing oranges, deep blues, and purples.

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