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After a heavy winter, you have a full right to lay on the grass and adore dragonflies. However, you may get more out of the summer being astir.

Moving in nature is cheap and possible anywhere. Bright mornings full of oxygen and long warm nights inspire you to work out and to the jogging tracks. Warmth and light give you energy and strength.

Sportswear and activewear of sustainable fashion bring a new dimension to your workout. It’s not just about your personal style and health.


Houdini is a Swedish sports and activewear pioneer. Houdini has developed eco-friendly technical materials for a long, which features are tested in demanding verge environments.

In Houdini’s collection, we have better versions, for example, for a technical set of underwear, fleeces, and Goretex. Houdini’s sportswear suits widely an active lifestyle and especially outdoor activities.

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Ninepine is a Stockholmian sportswear brand, whose roots are in Sydney, Australia. The brand produces stylish, functional, and minimalistic sports fashion that feels and looks good when worn.

Ninepine plants trees in Kenia together with local communities and Eden Reforestation Projects. Ninepine’s product development emphasizes long-lasting products and material innovations; not changing collections and seasons.

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Fashion brands sold at IVALO.COM guarantee to their producers safe working environments. Child and forced labor are unacceptable as well as unsafe and unfair working conditions. People working in the production of clothing are paid a decent salary, are provided with familiarization, and working times that meet the worth of human beings.

By choosing a truly sustainable fashion brand you make an everyday climate act. With your choice, you can better the treatment, living conditions, and quality of life of a person who works in clothing production. At the same time you run, climb, CrossFit, yoga, and pump - try the next ones. Besides, you give your support to the globe and value to others.

iron roots

Iron Roots was founded by sporty friends, who got fed up with over 90% of all sportswear being made of plastics. Iron Roots offer sportswear, which natural materials don’t cause any microplastics.

Iron Roots’ sportswear is made of natural materials. In addition, they emphasize antibacterial and antistatic materials besides eco-friendliness.

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Sasta is a Finnish hiking and activewear expert, who leans to a real connection to nature and caring about nature. Sasta’s collection includes high-quality and long-lasting outdoor wear that you can trust 100%.

Sasta has been a sustainable company even long before eco trends; it has produced its products sustainably and of recycled material for decades. Sasta offers additional fixing services to its products to lengthen the lifetime of a product even more.

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“Not all those who wander are lost.”

J.R.R. Tolkien