(pre) summer in the city

If you already smell lilacs and feel the warmth on the cliffs of the city, come inspired to our shop. Summer is coming, and the gentle themes of responsible fashion make dressing light and easy.

The key themes of sustainable fashion in 2021 are genuine natural materials and environmentally friendly material innovations, soft shapes, comfort, and usability.

"The sun has come out, and the air is vivid with spring light"

-Byron Caldwell Smith

Pre-summer colors offer a palette of natural shades, lots of white, beige, and cream, sweet pastels, cheerful sorbets, and a few sassy surprises.

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This summer, the pants, and dresses are plentiful. The shirts have a big collar or ruffles. Sweaters are IN and the jacket is a blazer.

The shoes are high quality and the socks and navel are shown. Jewelry is used a lot, boldly combining warm and cool metallic tones.