It is time to release the declaration of joy and just decide that February is going to be the month of the months.

The darkness of winter and the endless wait for Covid misery to end have to step aside when the first sunshine of spring arrives. 

So, put your favorite music on and open the curtains. Make a list of everything fun and enjoyable that you can – and will – do before February ends.

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The new spring of sustainable fashion will cheer you up. Colors, patterns, and energy feed everyone's souls. Turn your gaze against the light and the ecstasy and loveliness of design. 

For example, take a look at the new brands on IVALO.COM. The treasures of power clothes are Finnish Aarre and bohemian Yahmo from Berlin. 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection

And don't forget our all-time favorite brands, Kaiko's, new Olive Anemone collection, Tomcsányi's breathtaking design patterns, and the fun of Brava Fabrics.

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