If eternal casual Fridays bore you and your days look too much alike, attend to IVALO.COM's Official Friday challenge!

We make Friday feel like a proper Friday because people need change, celebration, and self-care.

Get into the Friday mood already in the morning, take an extra moment to think about the dinner menu, and put the bubbles into cold. Suit up for work, even for a home office, and remember to stop working in time for once.

Dress up for the evening at home. For yourself, your spouse, your kids, your friend. Make the moment special and memorable also in the middle of chaos and uncertainty.


Official Friday outfit #7

For every Official Friday IVALO.COM chooses our favorite outfit that you get discounted to celebrate Friday. The 7th Official Friday = Residus Lottie Ecovero Wide Pants.

Super popular Lottie pants were sold out for a while but are now back in stock. This Friday it's time to forget the sweatpants and pick a bit better pants from the wardrobe. It's still a weekend – no matter what!

Residus's relaxed and comfortable clothes are fit for a ballroom thanks to high-quality materials and stylish design. Soft Ecovero viscose feels very nice on the skin. Lottie pants have great potential to become your favorite piece of clothing for each workday, as they so well combine comfort and style. By changing the top, you get the perfect partner for your party outfit.

The normal price of Lottie pants is 99€. But on Official Friday you get them with a 30% discount for a price of 69,30€. The discounted price is valid until the 29th of November.

In addition, we also ship your orders free until the 29th of November.

We wish joy, sparkle, and hope to everybody's Friday!