If eternal casual Fridays bore you and your days look too much alike, attend to IVALO.COM's Official Friday challenge!

We make Friday feel like a proper Friday because people need change, celebration, and self-care.

Get into the Friday mood already in the morning, take an extra moment to think about the dinner menu, and put the bubbles into cold. Suit up for work, even for a home office, and remember to stop working in time for once.

Dress up for the evening at home. For yourself, your spouse, your kids, your friend. Make the moment special and memorable also in the middle of chaos and uncertainty.

Official Friday #10

During this fall, IVALO.COM has chosen for each Official Friday their favorite outfit that you have got at a discounted price. 

On the last Official Friday, the responsibility to choose the favorite outfit passes to the customer. To the delight and joy of Christmas nearing, we will give you a -20% discount code that you can use for all your favorite normally priced clothes and accessories in the IVALO.COM webshop.

Gift code “HOLIDAY20” is valid for the weekend from the 18th to the 20th of December.

We wish joy, sparkle, and hope to everybody's Friday!