Best of men's fashion Autumn & Winter

IVALO.COM equips modern man’s closet with style and skill.

If you appreciate easiness, comfort, and practicality or classic style or urban individuality, you will find pieces from IVALO.COM for each and every style.

 Choose yours from three different styles and see the best picks in each different style.


#1 The trendiest man dresses up in checks this autumn. This autumn/winter clothes and accessories are trendiest in checks. You can find checks in wool coats, blazers, scarves, hats, shirts, slim pants, socks, and knits. You can wear checks from head to toe or spice up your outfit with a hint of checks. 

#2 Pick up a colorful knit or at least sweater with braided details. Comfortable knits and slipovers that fit perfectly in the Finnish winter are IN in multiple patterns and bold colors. The sweater can be a little bit over the top.

#3 Baker boy hat or other headgear. Beanie, bucket hat, trapper hat, headband, or basic cap are all hot items this winter.

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#1 A stylish man dresses up in a quality polo shirt. The color of the polo shirt is classic black or navy. This autumn, a knitted or a cotton polo is especially topical in subdued shades of brown, green, and orange. You can combine a polo with a suit jacket, a collared shirt, or a wool coat.

#2 Quality t-shirts in simple colors are always fashionable and can easily go under even a more stylish blazer jacket.  You can recognize a  good quality t-shirt  from that it keeps its shape regardless of multiple washes It still looks and fits its owner perfectly

#3 Accessories finish the styling. Choose your bag from sustainable leather or a stylish vegan option. Pick up a scarf and a hat from the same quality materials. Invest in gloves and simple jewelry.

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 #1 Sweater, knit, or hoodie! A practical man will pick his favorite shirt so he can use it anywhere and anytime. The most important thing is soft and durable materials, a style that suits you, and is current. There’s plenty to choose from!

#2 Comfortable and good looking underwear is the basic layer to any dressing. Breathable organic cotton doesn’t feel or squeeze. It moves with you and can stand the test of time.

#3 A sustainable and durable winter coat is chosen with a hint of urban and sporty style. A black winter coat is a lifelong friend and a casual parka coat made with better quality will serve you for multiple years. This year’s hot items are a short or long warm puffer jacket or vest.

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