As we come from Finland, the land of thousands of lakes known for the spectacular forests and stone-faced nation, it is at the utmost importance for us to do our best to preserve our beloved planet and to love and respect every form of life. Everyday we become more aware about the negative impacts that our consumption habits have on the planet and how fast the fashion and over consumption is destroying our precious habitat. 



Equality and good working conditions is the heart of IVALO.COM. We don’t accept any discrimination, and for this reason we are making fair deals with our designers and they operate the same way within their supply chain. Everyone deserves the same rights and fair working conditions - Together we are strong

We love nature and so do our designers. We all share the same concerns. We want to keep the forests and the globe in a habitable state for each and every form of life. For this reason we have committed to only offer best quality garments and to avoid unnecessary transportation - Best quality, straight from the designer - no warehouses

IVALO.COM supports cruelty-free ethos and we won’t stock any products with fur. We strongly encourage our partners to use surplus leather and plant-based options. Innovation is a core value of our business - it’s time to create and make better choices