Vegans avoid materials of animal origin. Veganism is sneaking also from plate to wardrobe, as vegan choices are more than relevant. 

Climate change and the climate debate are accelerating the growth in popularity of the vegan lifestyle.

Sustainable fashion brands are conscious of environmental concerns and are willing to offer individual options to suit all styles. That's why this autumn we see more and more brands offering vegan options, for example for accessories.

Check out products made from cork as well as eco-friendly vegetable leathers made from pineapple, coconut, apple, and cactus, among others.

At IVALO.COM you'll find a stylish vegan shoe and bag options from brands such as Bohema, Canussa, Humans Are Vain, Ikon Sweden, NAE Vegan Shoes, O My Bag, MOIMOI, 1 People, and ASK Scandinavia.

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