Happy Holidays and welcome to the holiday shop! Holiday Collection

It's the final days of this exceptional year and time to celebrate. At this moment the focus will be on your closest people and free time before the "new year, new me" resolutions.

It's allowed and recommended to enjoy! Sing, dance, celebrate. Stop, summarize, think.

The most interesting festive fashion items your can find from the webhop of sustainable future. IVALO.COM offers today and tomorrow the best of ethical and sustainable fashion.


The stars of the dress season this year are black dresses both short and long. The versatile black dress is a safe and timeless choice. You can make it suitable for different situations by changing accessories, and its silent elegance is easy to rely on.

IVALO.COM's everlasting favorites are Ivana Helsinki's personalized dresses. The sparkling flashes of the new Flashes vol 2 collection are perfect for winter celebrations.

The popular dress novelty of IVALO.COM is Miia Halmesmaa. A designer from Turku, designs and manufactures stunning dresses from surplus fabrics from the clothing industry. The colors and shapes are memorable.

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The jewelry design of the festive season boldly combines gold and silver. A party bag can be daring - and style can even be fatal.

In addition to traditional shades, the bags use bold attention-grabbing colors, metallic luster, and interesting design and details. It is not necessary to carry the bag in your hand or over the shoulder as there are a lot of hands-free solutions like belt bags.

The sustainable accessory brands found on IVALO.COM do not require you to invest thousands of euros into your party style. You can choose sustainable jewelry and evening bags at a reasonable price, and enjoy your individual style for a long time.

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The style-conscious chooses a pantsuit for the party, either in a sharp classic cut and monochrome or in trendy cheerful colors or checkered patterns.

A high-quality blazer, skirt, and trousers are a sensible choice due to their versatility. They are suitable for workwear outside the celebrations and can casually be combined with a wide range of leisurewear.

A well-cut garment made of high-quality and comfortable material gives the wearer a boost of confidence.

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The celebrator of the dark and cold season chooses a jumpsuit. Contrary to popular belief, stylish jumpsuits flatter a wide variety of body types and are the perfect choice for a wonderful party outfit.

The bold chooses a strong pattern, the sophisticated takes a black and the individual style seeker ends up in an interesting special shade. The long sleeves bring comfort and warmth to the jumpsuit when needed.

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