Welcome to the scent of autumn afternoon coffee and a cinnamon bun.

From the streets of Gamla Stan, Vasastan, and Söder, carefree elegance and spacious silhouettes arrive in the IVALO.COM store. In Stockholm, classic and simple styles are easily combined with the trends of the moment.

The Swedish and Scandinavian style is world-famous. It’s easy to be inspired by functionality, simplicity, and elegance.

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The confident elegance and comfort of the Swedish originate, for example, with the combination of gym clothes with a sharp blazer dress, and the suitability of mega sneakers as a pair of festive designer clothes.

Thick-based sneakers are still running on the streets of Stockholm this autumn. There is also volume in different kinds of boots. For a lighter ride, classic loafers or moccasins are chosen.

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The bags are now well padded. The shoulder bags are small. In jewelry, pearls and chains are IN - and a variety of metallic colors are bravely mixed. The Stockholmer is now wearing a dress and leather jacket, jeans and a blazer, a timeless shirt, and a casual luxury sweater.

The neutral colors of the Stockholm style include black, grey, white, beige, and dark blue. Also shades of ivory and brown are particularly fashionable, as are undyed denim. The subdued pastels fit the street scene, as do the greyish greens like sage.

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