Nature is the greatest luxury. In the wintertime, it’s good to get your lungs full of fresh clean air. Enjoy the snowy parks, sparkly trees, and snow-topped hills.

Sport and outdoor clothing is an important and current category. The pandemic has created more and more interest towards being outdoors and taking care of ourselves.

How could you wear a bit more comfortable and healthier clothes to yoga class, or environmentally friendlier clothes to skiing trip?

All IVALO.COM’s activewear brands have passed the Sustainability Framework, so you can choose clothes from genuinely ecological and ethical brands while shopping at IVALO.COM.


For indoor training enthusiasts, you must get to know the other Swede: Ninepine. Ninepine carries the flag of sustainable fitness clothing astonishingly high. Durable and well-fitting clothes are made for even hard and professional training. A simple design makes the clothes timeless and always trendy.

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For all the outdoor people from bicycle lanes to ski slopes, we recommend the Swedish Houdini. The magician Houdini is a super star of ecological activewear. Its stylish design and innovative materials charm even the most demanding customers.

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The roots of the Finnish Sasta goes back to the 1960s and the forests of North Karelia. Sasta's uncompromising product development ensures that clothes are always carefully tested in practice on various weather and terrain conditions. Their clothes' quality can be enjoyed by anyone who desires professionalism and a high standard in their hiking and outdoor clothing.

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Iron Roots offers plastic-free workout clothes for men and women. The company uses natural materials for their athletic apparel, such as hemp, eucalyptus, beechwood and organic cotton. Each material has its own unique advantages and properties such as being antibacterial and antistatic, which makes them great for different workouts.

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