For the ones who dream of a perfect eternal knitwear

Knitwear season is at its best right now. We all are looking for knitwear that last time and wear.

The main idea is that when you own a few perfect knits, you don’t have to think twice about what to wear. The modern knitwear collection is practical and stylish, and can be worn with both dress and jeans. You can wear it as it is, on top of a blouse or as a jacket with a t-shirt.

When buying the knitwear of your life, critical attention should be paid to the materials of the garment. Synthetic fibers are also often marketed under the name of wool knitwear. Synthetic fibers such as polyamide are used to improve the abrasion resistance of wool, such as rubbing. As complementary fibers, they can also be useful for knitwear.

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The advantages of authentic wool materials can be considered their gorgeous and high-quality appearance, treatability, and easiness. Wool doesn’t have to be washed so much. Wool fibers contain grease that repels dirt and makes stains often quick to remove.

There are plenty of wool types. One seeking thin and lightweight knitwear chooses merino, cashmere, or alpaca. One who prefers rougher wool acquires coarser sheep wool.

Wool sweaters can be combed and brushed. Their plucking decreases over time and care as loose fibers decrease from the surface of the garment – on the contrary, for example, acrylic blended knitwear.

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