Embrace the feeling

Keep living your best life at home when autumn blows leaves around and the rain is drumming against the window. Enjoy being home and the atmosphere of every dim moment.  Enjoy the softness, the leisureliness, and the feeling of just being at home.


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Innovative textile fibers are rising since the alternatives for consuming natural materials and virgin materials are needed. Finland as a traditional forest economy is taking part in the new wave of smart fibers trying to fight global environmental issues.


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In accordance with the minimum criteria of IVALO.COM, the origin of the material of each product sold in the store is known. Like our brands, we prefer recycled and new ecological materials that have a lower environmental impact, but that feel good and are as durable as possible.


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Check out IVALO.COMs wonderful selection of underwear and loungewear for the autumn. Enjoy elegance, feminity, and comfort more responsibly.