With product-specific CO2e calculation, IVALO.COM wants to increase information and awareness on emissions related to product manufacturing and transportation. The calculation also increases the know-how of clothing companies of their products’ climate impact during manufacturing, this way supporting climate-friendly product development.

The Climate Calculator is a tool for estimating the greenhouse gas emissions of the products at IVALO.COM.

The Climate Calculator is built on the OpenCO2.net carbon footprint platform by Clonet. The platform is based on international and well-known carbon footprint calculation standards. The calculator follows the guidelines of the standards and is based on an extensive emission database that is up-to-date and based on statistics as well as scientific publications. Emission factors are updated regularly as information increases.

The Climate Calculator developed for estimating the greenhouse gas emissions of a single garment takes into account textile material and garment manufacturing, transports between different production stages, packaging materials and final delivery to the customer.

The calculator does not acknowledge the use time or the recycling method of the garment nor does it take into account the emissions during use from washing, drying and ironing, as these emissions vary widely.

This way the calculator estimates the so-called “cradle to gate” emissions taking additionally into account the transportation from warehouse to customer, closely related to IVALO.COM’s operations.

The Climate Calculator is a simplified tool for estimating the greenhouse gas emissions from clothing production chains. The result of the calculation is approximate. The calculator uses average emission factors for textile materials and assumptions and simplifications on raw material transports are made.

The results calculated with the calculator are comparable to each other due to the same calculation method and limitations. The results cannot be compared to calculations made with other calculators or with different calculation principles.

Additional notes on the calculation method:

- The calculation focuses on the textile materials of the garment, and details made from other materials such as zippers and buttons are not taken into account as their climate impact is small compared to textile materials.

- The use of surplus material is taken into account in the calculation by dividing the material emissions equally between the producer and the user of the surplus material. The aim of this calculation method is to avoid double counting of emission credits or emissions.

- The delivery to the customer is calculated from each brand’s warehouse to Helsinki, Finland as a default.

As part of its own climate work, IVALO.COM compensates for the emissions of the sold, calculated products through the service of CO2Esto, a Finnish company.

CO2Esto compensates the emissions by buying allowances from the EU emissions trading market. Read more about the compensation here.

By supporting climate-friendly product design and compensating for the emissions, IVALO.COM aims for carbon neutrality with the calculated products. The calculation continues as an ongoing process in collaboration with brands.