If you often lose your socks would there be something that you could do to it? One of the keys to pleasant and smooth life is the little things.

Unlike commonly assumed, you don’t need boxes full of socks and lingerie. It’s enough to have a few pieces which are suitable for different kinds of occasions. 


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Pick tights, socks, and lingerie that make you happy with their look, comfort, materials, and sustainability. Personality and longing for less are a big part of a more enjoyable and sustainable lifestyle, also what it comes to lingerie.

Aside from fresh minimalism, sustainability is also an excellent occasion to revise your sock boxes. The sustainable dressing can happen from head to toe. Fewer virgin materials, plastic or toxic chemicals are going to do you nothing but good – not to mention the planet Earth.

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”Life is too short to wear boring underwear”

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“Real elegance is everywhere. Especially in the things that don’t show”

-Christian Dior
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Sustainable tights, socks, and lingerie are lovely under and over you.