Trends to watch for Fall/Winter 2019

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Take a good look towards the coming trends of Fall/Winter 2019 and prepare yourself (and your wardrobe) well ahead!

Although the easy breezy summer days have just arrived and you’re most likely not even close to dreaming of your Fall-Winter 19 wardrobe yet, we decided to give you a good ol’ kick start and list the most interesting everlasting trends that you should be making eyes at the coming season. Take a dip to this pool of new styling possibilities and start your journey towards the everlasting fall wardrobe!

The Animal prints

Get your wild on with all the animal prints! Leopard, ocelot, zebra, tiger... they're all back and in a big way the coming season! The catwalks were filled with different variations of the wilderness - from natural, classic animal-prints to full on 80's extravaganza with bright colours and unexpected combinations. So wild... and we're loving it!

Try this trend with these extravagant pieces:


Leather and faux leather will be something that you want to fill your wardrobe with from head to toe. During the F/W 19 season you will definitely see lots and lots of outfits that are boosted up with leather in every colour imaginable. The it piece to have? Definitely the leather dress.

Shine bright and gloss!

Besides leather, other high-shine materials such as vinyl, latex and plastic (aka the key look for the summer 2018) are definitely standing out next fall. Get into that sparkly mood and get yourself glowing like there's no tomorrow!

Layers, Layers, LAYERS

Get ready to layer it up next season! Think about the runway looks à la Balenciaga and Comme des Garçons and step up your layering game to a whole new level. Forget about freezing, top off that puffy coat with another and go as extra as you want! Remember, one is never enough.

Try adding some interesting layers and oversized shapes to your look with these everlasting pieces:

Tweed & Checks

Tweed and checks are truly a classic look that adds just enough of heritage chic to your wardrobe. Try adding this classy look to your repertoire with a ever so stylish tweed skirt or play with textures and combine an oversized tweed coat with an edgy leather skirt (for reference see the runway looks à la Marc Jacobs!).

Cowboy, Cowgirl

Lots of western vibes where presented at the runways of F/W 19. This trend is easy to love already now during the summertime. Prairie dresses, cowboy boots, western style shirts and chic neckerchiefs - go all in baby!

80’s, baby

80's power dressing has been making a strong comeback already during the spring 2018 and the coming fall season keeps this era as a surefire source for inspirational fashion looks as well. Short dresses, assertive shoulders, electric-hued colours, bright neon shades... they're all here! More is indeed more next fall!

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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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