This Week's Fashion team favourites

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

We're concluding the graduation week with our Fashion team favourites! See what the team is loving this week and get inspired!

This week IVALO team has been inspired with the upcoming graduation festivities! See our current top 4 in the theme of the graduation - what to get as a present, what to wear? Get ready to get inspired!


1. KM by Lange - Cream wide leg jumpsuit
If I was to graduate in the upcoming weeks I would definitely go for a flowy jumpsuit. This KM by Lange piece is fresh and beautiful with a material that fits any occasion.

I would complete the look to a whole new level with Kittima’s amazing jacket to give my graduation look some color and texture.

This Shanghai Tofu tassel earring would be the cherry on top of my killer look!

4. Guardian of the Baltic Sea - Ruhnu earrings
I think the perfect gift for a graduate would be these Guardian of the Baltic Sea earrings. With these timeless design creations you would also be taking part in a good cause to help save the Baltic Sea.


1. Drifters LDN - Workman blazer
I've never rocked the full white look in my life. For some reason this summer I have been really keen on light color This blazer with slightly shiny fabric would be my choice for graduation

2. Paso Total - Augustus t-shirt
I have always struggled with wearing a full suit, somehow I never felt that it matches with my personality, so I have always dressed down the look. This donkey t-shirt would be perfect piece to “break down” the look.

3. Drifters LDN - Workman trouser
Of course matchy material in trousers and blazer. These biker style trousers have a character and I like it!

4. Last Sole - Star Trooper Evil White
Yeah, I am a sneakerboy for ever and ever and ever, no matter the occasion.


1. Vestiarium - Singapore dress
A great dress always works as a good base to start your party look with. This beautiful Vestiarium dress would be perfect piece for any celebration!

2. Pramea - Tria earrings in cottoncandy
The light cottoncandy pink hue of these TRIA earrings would match sooo nicely with the dress! Simple and oh so fabulous!

3. Li Jewels - Spheres ring
A nice cocktail-ring completes always the look! The Spheres ring by Li Jewels is wonderfully bubbly in its design - loving the look!

4. hálo - REIDAR scarf 'Night of frost'
A beautiful silk scarf would be a classic gift that is truly everlasting! The beautiful print in the Reidar ' Night of frost' scarf would make the graduate happy for years to come!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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