Fashion Team Favourites - Urban Jungle

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Get into the mood of Urban Jungle with IVALO Fashion team's this week's favourites!

This week IVALO Fashion team has been hearing the soothing Urban jungle drumbeat! See what we're currently craving after to fulfill our dreams of the perfect looks for our coming adventures this season!


1. Breezy Sunglasses in Rosegold by Woobs
Let the sunshine! These beautiful sunglasses let me see the urban jungle trough rosy-lenses - literally! Can already see myself sipping an ice-cold drink while wearing these sunglasses.

2. Carmen Honey | Silk & Cashmere stole by FLORENZ
The luxurious silk-cashmere stole would be a perfect thing to have with me in the jungle. The bold floral print has perfect splashes of colours and its multi-functional aspects makes its easy to combine to several jungle-tastic adventures!

3. Karin Clog by Terhi Pölkki
Heels in the jungle? OH YES. The Karin clogs have sturdy enough heel to survive long walks in the tropic.

4. Rice Dress by Carls Bernsten
The rice dress is wonderfully flowy and easy dress to have in the summer time. The light beige colour is also is a perfect match with warmer weather and it would also match perfectly with the Karin Clogs!


1. Julio Onesy zero waste surf suit by emroce
This swimsuit is the perfect design for a surfer chic and I could also imagine wearing it just as a bodysuit because of its beautiful cut and model!

2. Abby Dress in blue by Ivana Helsinki
In the urban jungle you don’t have to hide from anyone, it’s important to express your style with a passion! Abby dress fulfills all my bold coloured dreams and the material is perfect for hot day in the urban jungle!

3. The Golden Hour Trenchcoat by Carolina Machado
The spring-summer collection of Carolina Machado has made a great expression on IVALO Fashion Team. The pieces from the collection have amazed us with their functionality and beauty. My choice for the Urban Jungle survivor would definitely be The Golden Hour Trenchcoat that I would style as a dress, as seen in the pic. Just wear a bikini underneath and your are set from dusk until dawn!

4. La Pinya Bag by TIKA
I don’t think I have to explain my choice of accessory too much. This La Pinya bag is the natural pick for the hot days, city strolling and basically it would be the go-to bag for the whole summer. Who wouldn’t want a pineapple to boost their outfits daily!


1. & 2. Ojos shirt and Pants by Paso Total
What happens in the jungle stays in the jungle, right? I guess this pattern by Paso Total could be pretty interesting for some exotic time in the urban jungle.

3. Traveller Trunk in signal magenta by The Other Danish Guy
Hygiene first! Fresh pair of underwear would be necessary and of course I would rock the magenta color!

If i would got into trouble in the jungle I most definitely would climb on top of a banana tree. This shirt by UKKELI would almost make me invisible as I would blend in as giant banana!

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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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