Fashion Team Favourites - Feel the Heatwave!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

The hot days of July are here! See what the IVALO Fashion Team would wear during there warm days!

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Oooooh it really has been as hot as July during the past weeks! The IVALO Fashion team has been inspired by the tropical heatwave that has hit the whole of Europe and we're not letting the heat take away our passion for beautiful and unique fashion. Bring on the Sun and get your best warmest weather style inspo from the dream team and find your own favourites on IVALO webshop!


1. KM by Lange - CREAM wide leg JUMPSUIT
During the heatwave I would love nothing more than to wear something light, both in colour and material. This KM by Lange jumpsuit would be the answer to my problem. This has been one of my all time favorites ever since the brand joined IVALO.

2. Reset Priority - PYLA ONE PIECE GREEN
Reset Priority’s Pyla one piece is a genius piece of heat wear. I would rock this swimsuit all over town and the beaches of Helsinki!

3. PRAMEA - TRIPLA - smaragdi
As I’m dreaming about using the Reset Priority swimsuit out and about as a bodysuit I would definitely match it with these Tripla earrings by Pramea. The colour creates a perfect combo.

4. FLORENZ - Martina Geometric Kimono Scarf
This multifunctional silk scarf by FLORENZ is the perfect thing to wrap around yourself during the burning hours. It’s a piece I could imagine wearing from day to night!


1. Drifters LDN - Skinned Shirt
This North and East African inspired print would be a great match with this boiling weather. Eye catching print and light material would be the perfect combo to maintain your “coolness”.

2. Moses - Moses Twilight
Well.. these Sandals has became the summer 2018 “it shoe”. I totally get it, fun and funky colours, light weight, good shape... Yeah, these are the ideal sandals for this summer.

3. SUNNO by BENE CAPE - Dots Black Swim Short
Good swimwear is a must. Ultra lightweight material will dry quickly and feels comfy. However, the best part are the pockets! We all want to just take the most necessary items and not to carry heavy bags while heading to the beach or to the pool.

4. Wulf & Supply - Dad Cap Black
Perfect cap is  everything for me during the summer season. Usually I'm looking more like a lobster than beautifully sun kissed. So this is a good way to avoid burned face -look or if that already happened I can easily hide under the dad cap!


1. Nokonen - NOKONEN 5-panel Cap
During these sunny days, it's really important to protect yourself from the heating Sun. The beautiful, hand painted 5-panel caps by Nokonen are a perfect solution if you're looking for an unique accessory that's not only stylish but also practical!

2. Lemuel MC - 100% Linen Summer Dress White
Is there anything more perfect to wear during the heatwave than a light and white linen dress? - I don't think so! This lovely dress by Lemuel MC would be a perfect attire to wear while on a summer adventure. So simple, so easy, so chic!

3. EVÄKÄS - Fish Leather Sandals – Nude – Unisex
These lovely fish leather sandals by EVÄKÄS would be lovely shoes to wear during warm days. The unique texture of the fish leather even makes these sandals more special!

4. Ivana Helsinki - Treasures Purse Blue L
It's always a great idea to add a pop of colour to your look! The Treasures purse has a fresh print with lovely details that would complete my look with something just extra enough!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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