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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

See what the IVALO Fashion team is loving this week!

Welcoming the weekend in with yet another set of IVALO Fashion team favourites lists! This week the team has been looking for getaways from the grey summer weather - both practically (see Ida's loving looks towards the Protected Species Waterproof mac) and also more mentally (Stella's love for the brightly coloured Bananas jumpsuit by Uhana Design). Get inspired by our team's favourites lists and go on and fill your own IVALO Wishlist with your own favourites of the week!


1. Protected Species - Waterproof Mac in true black
I feel like it’s been raining the whole week. I don’t mind it, but I would kinda enjoy it with this Protected Species mac, with its classic cut and amazing technical details!

2. DAWNxDARE - Capri dress
This is dress is me. It’s black, it has pockets, it’s loose fitted, it should be called the Ida dress. No other explanation needed, every outfit crises would be averted with this piece in my wardrobe!

3. Lillan Helsinki - Pompom ring
I have been a huge fan of Lillan Helsinki for a while now. Their delicate colour pompoms are the cherry on top of any outfit. Choose couple of colours and mix-and-match according to your liking, I love them!

4. Doriane van Overeem - PAT "Don't Tell Me to Smile Tote" bag
I suffer from a little known condition called “the resting sad face” -syndrome. People are always asking if everything is okay and if I need any assistance or basically medical care. This bag would do the answering for me and stand up for my right not to smile! Also it would fit my whole life in it, that’s handy as well!


1. Mori Collective - Diamonds Earrings in black
I love a good pair of statement earrings! The Diamonds earrings by Mori Collective are not only a great statement accessory but also easy to wear as they're made from light ply wood.

2. Uhana Design - Bananas Jumpsuit
It indeed has been quite grey weather week. I feel like I need something extra colourful and extravagant to get back on track and this Bananas Jumpsuit by the Finnish Uhana Design would be the perfect medicine!

3. A. Andreassen - Elskling leather mule in black
Aaah the A. Andreassen mules... a forever favourite of mine. These would match my outfit perfectly. Simple, chic and made from luxurious Italian leather. Can't resist.

4. WWOOLLFF CO. - HEL Black Shopper bag
Showing Helsinki some looove! A good shopper bag takes you a long way. This handprinted limited edition bag by WWOOLLFF CO. would be the perfect bag where I could fit pretty much everything.


1. Pohjanheimo - Aamu
This week I’m totally into Pohjanheimo, the fabrics and cuts are just beyond. I would start the outfit from the very important piece - perfect t-shirt. This one is 100% merino wool and it fits just perfectly.

2. Pohjanheimo - Jala
I would love to wrap myself into this oversized dress-coat. This beauty is 100% Cashmere and would go very well together with the merino wool tee.

3. Pozzanghere - Dark Black Trousers
To brake the creamy tones and add some loose element, these trousers would be the choice and the best thing is to come - made in Italy.

4. Polyforma - Simax, deserto
As a sneaker lover these luxurious “running sneakers” would give that creamy tone also to the end of the look.

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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