Fashion Revolution Week 2018

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

On the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster the Fashion Revolution week has been making us ask Who made my clothes? See how some of the IVALO designers participated this important week and get inspired with their stories!

On April 24th it became five years after the Rana Plaza garment factory disaster, where an eight-storey factory collapsed in Bangladesh. The accident claimed 1,138 lives and injured over 2,500 garment workers - and became an influential turning point in the collective fashion consciousness as the movement Fashion Revolution was born in its aftermath. Now on the 5th anniversary of the disaster, there's no better time to make more mindful and socially responsible, everlasting fashion choices and ask the question: Who made my clothes?

Now on the 5th anniversary of the disaster, there's no better time to make more mindful and socially responsible, everlasting fashion choices and ask the question: Who made my clothes?

As the Fast fashion industry moves vastly we have become careless consumers when it comes to our style choices. Instead of questioning the low low prices of the clothes that we wear, we have gotten used to the idea that we can just pop up to a store and get the 5€ t-shirt, wear in once and then toss it away. This is why it is influential that we have movements like the Fashion Revolution as it makes us stop for a moment to think and reflect - How did this piece of clothing come to its existence? Who made it and how much did they get paid? What kind of life do they have?

This has also affected on the relationship we as consumers have towards the brands and designers. Transparency of the whole production processes - from sourcing of the materials to the sewing of the last stitches of the piece, we want to know and see the people behind the making of our favourite clothes.

We have been loving the ways in which IVALO designers have been attending to the Fashion revolution week movement. Here are some of examples of the designers and how they participate in creating a fairer fashion industry.

Vestiarium ( photos from @vestiarium_official Instagram)

The Helsinki-based Vestiarium makes slow fashion for speedy women. During the Fashion Revolution week the brand told about the people behind their production on their social media channels.

"With Vestiarium clothes it's easy, because each piece is signed by the very person who has made it - one of our dream team members in Tallinn." -Vestiarium's Facebook on 23th of April

Ivana Helsinki Rena dress

Ivana Helsinki participated the Fashion Revolution week with a new concept where you can take your old, clean and intact Ivana Helsinki garments to their Helsinki-based Flagship store and they will recycle and find homes for them. You will also get a -50% discount from your purchase at the shop during the drop in!

You can visit them at Uudenmaankatu 15, Helsinki, during the weekend on Friday kl 11-18 and Saturday kl 11-16.

Photo from @vietto_eco_fashion Instagram on 27.4

Vietto wrote on their Instagram on 27.4 :

"Vietto is based in Helsinki, where we make most of the work that running a small garment brand-business takes. Among other things designing, garment zoning, and the prints are created here by Minna, who established the brand, and cutting, sewing, and finishing of the garments is executed by Maarit. We make your clothes! 👚👖👗"

Photo from LIIA Jewellery's Facebook on 25.4

Laura, the talented designer of LIIA Jewellery shared some insights about the values behind her brand on LIIA Jewellery's social media channels. Openness and transparency are one of their main values, and the jewelleries are made in Laura's skillful hands at her studio in Tammisaari. Ecological and ethical values are also important to her and she aims to find solutions that are best for the environment.

"When you order LIIA Jewellery, you know that every piece is designed and made by me. And I’m always happy to tell you more about jewellery making process and details behind the LIIA Jewellery. Just ask, I’m here for you!❤️" - Laura / LIIA Jewellery (Facebook, 25.4)

Photo from @loviacollection Facebook on 24.4

Lovia wrote on their Facebook on 24.4.:

"Wisdom does not always come with age. Our industry needs to take responsibility for its actions. We at Lovia believe in operating with honesty and integrity, never compromising on our values. Existing materials are rescued and given new life, creating a purpose for each and every product, while all workers receive a fair living wage in the process. This rebirth breaths a new beginning for fashion instead of an end.

Let's do better together. Dare to question - join the fashion revolution.
#fashionrevolution #imadeyouraccessories"

Photo from @nokonen_ instagram 25.4.

Aino Kovalainen, the lovely designer of Nokonen wrote on @Nokonen_ Instagram:

The Fashion Revolution Week is here! The aim is to demand a more sustainable and transparent fashion industry ✨
I also realized, that I haven't introduced myself here... Hello! My name is Aino Kovalainen. I am the creator of Nokonen. All Nokonen products are designed and handmade by me in Helsinki, Finland 🙋
I want to encourage you to make more conscious choices when buying things. To think and find out about the conditions your clothes are made in and especially, by who. It's time to ask #whomademyclothes!

Photo from @iljanagram Instagram 26.4

Katja Iljana, the designer of Kiks and Iljana told her story on Instagram on 26.4:

"It's the Fashion Revolution Week that aims to make this often exploiting industry more sustainable, fair and transparent, both for the peoples and planets sake. We definitely have the same goal and are happy to take part in the movement. So here is our story:
👋💓 I am Katja Iljana, the founder and designer behind two labels. I founded my brand in 2003 and in 2017 started my other project Iljana. Through its conceptual, colourful collections and collabos it aims to support sustainability, solidarity, transparency and self-expression. We only incorporate upcycled materials that are sourced from local companies and private people. For the upcoming collection I had a dogma not to buy even upcycled materials and only use our old stocks! Everything is produced individually in our own studio in Oulu, Northern Finland. You can also order Iljana’s styles customized just for you.
I draw inspiration both from the nature and the urban culture and often test my products with my favourite hobbies: gathering wild herbs and mushrooms or clubbing. As dj Illyana I also deejay, make my own music and host Alataajuus radio show at bassoradio"

Photo from @Jatulilabel Facebook on 27.4

Nina Jatuli, the designer of Jatuli wrote on her brand's social media channels:

"This week is dedicated to#fashionrevolution. Rana Plaza factory collapsed in 24.4.2013 killing 1138 factory workers. Our mission has been to produce locally in controlled enviroments by adults in Finland and Estonia. Our jewelry is made in Helsinki, mostly by yours truly! Who has made your outfit of the day?#jatuli_label #vaatevallankumous #ethicalfashion #fashionrevolution"

Photo's from @shyvibesclub Instagram

Shy vibes club has been presenting the people behind their production in Finland and Estonia during the Fashion Revolution week on their social media channels.

"It's Fashion Revolution Week and time to make changes in the fashion industry. Demand transparency in the fashion supply chain by asking brands who made your clothes.@fash_rev @vaatevallankumous #fashionrevolution #vaatevallankumous" -@shyvibesclub Instagram on 25.4

Photo from @taukodesign Facebook on 23.4

Tauko has also been presenting the people behind their production. They're also organizing and event tomorrow in Helsinki - make sure to pop by!

"Ask and we answer! You can join the Fashion Revolution campaign this week by asking the brands #whomademyclothes and demand fairer and more transparent fashion industry. The skillful people working for our production in Finland and Estonia made your TAUKO clothes!
Fashion Revolution by TAUKO featuring Ona Kamu!
Take a part in our event on Saturday 28.4. Read more ->" - @taukodesign Facebook on 23.4

We've been thrilled to see that so many IVALO designers participated the Fashion Revolution week and share their stories! See how other designers took part on this important cause and remember to continue to ask "Who made my clothes?" even after this week.

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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