Checked shirt with bow

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Shirt with collar of the collection "we are the daughters of the witches you did not burn"

It could be worn quite feminin with putting it into the trouser or by wearing outside of a trouser.

Unisex Women 36 - 40 Men 46 - 50

FORM OF INTEREST. is an conceptual unisex brand from Germany with an artistic background in video and conceptual art. Fashion is seen as a part of individual communication without saying anything. Unisex should be more then a boyfriend trouser or a skinny jeans. The way of a narrative story within the garment should visualize new role models and a new way of anti-form aesthetic. The dysfashional way of seeing both - men and women - is combined in every collection. It is about humans and not about the question what does it mean to be a man or a woman. What makes you feel good is what fits you well.

The cuts are sometimes oversize or asymmetrical. It is about the deconstruction of what you think about clothes. Every single piece has an individual part or is handmade. Form of interest. is a way of interest in what is going on in our digital and analog world.

There are unicum items and small series of items. The label is for the people of every gender and and against mass production.

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