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Halo Drop necklace, black

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Halo – Heart -Necklace

Halo is created when the sun or moon light is refracted or reflected in the tiny airborne ice crystals. Halos often occur just around the Sun or the Moon, but in the best plays you can see halos in every corner of the sky.

In Finnish cold weather you can also see halos in hovering ice crystals around you. This is known as “diamond dust”.


Halo jewelry is for you who stand boldly in the middle of sometimes even cold diamond mist. Be bold, be different, be you!


  • You can add your own story to your Iloa product through the use of scent. Add fragrances on the symbol visible on your product. The fragrance is then absorbed into a ceramic container, from which it is released steadily for up to three weeks.
  • You can add any kind of liquid scents (e.g. perfumes, essential oils, home fragrances). A couple of sprays of perfume is enough for a piece of jewelry, for a stronger scent just add more, or use essential oil.
  • The scent of your choice will last for up to three weeks, with oil based fragrances lasting the longest. You can always add more fragrance to your product for extended lastability. The products will not absorb scent from the surroundings, i.e. intentional adding of fragrance is always required.

You are made of thousands of stories that make you unique. The stories may be memories from your wedding day, a cabin holiday, or someone you love. By adding fragrance to the piece of jewelry, you add your own story, which makes it truly unique.

Material; Silver chain 65cm, adjustable. Pendant 30 x 30mm. Material; Ceramic and allergy free silver 925 Jewelry come in a beautiful ecological Jewellery boxes

The mission of the brand Crea Iloa is evident in their name. Crea stands for creation, and Iloa is Finnish for joy. Their aim is to Create Joy!

Crea Iloa is a manufacturer of design products, based in Lahti in the lake region of Finland. All Crea Iloa products are designed and manufactured with skill and responsibility in Finland. The brand was founded in the summer of 2015.

You can add scent to the back of the Crea Iloa jewelry. By adding fragrance to the piece of jewelry, you add your own story and create your own amulet. This way you don't need to add chemicals in fragrances to your own skin. Crea Iloa aims to make truly unique jewelry that makes people happy. The materials in the pieces are mainly ceramics and silver.

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