Li jewels

Plastic Sun earrings

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5% Silver90% Gold Plated Brass5% Plexiglas

Ethnic and urban earrings, handmade in brass and sterling silver with red methacrylate triangle piece. The earrings are gold plated in 24K The inspiration comes from tradicional cultures with a urban and feminin and contemporary approach. We dedided to use plastic in this collection in order to reclaim its use as jewel, because it is light, resistent and easily coloured. Besides that methacrylate is easily recycled and we design the laser cut in a way that no material is wasted. So our plastic jewels are intended to be a symbol against one use plastic items.

All our pieces are designed and made 100% in Barcelona. We offer a repair an replated service, consult us in because our intention is your jewel was forever.

Weight: 4 g/ each aprox.

Dimensions: 7 x 2 cm aprox.

Keep in mind that our production is craft, so items could be slightly different in dimensions and weight. Feel free to contact us for any other question or suggestion.

Let's beautify the new world! Li Jewels designs jewels with the aim that they become more than just jewels. Li Jewels is about jewelry design and also about a life philosophy expressed through fashion and beauty.

Li Jewels dreams with...time becoming slower...environment being respected and protected...feminine power being celebrated. Li Jewels is its creator's local contribution to a positive worldwide change, by designing ecofriendly and feminist jewelry.

The brand produces 100% in Barcelona, where they find their collaborators, people they like to personally know. Every piece is handcrafted and the elaboration process is respectful with the environment. Li Jewels works on demand, minimizes their waste and promotes reparation of their products.

In their vision of beauty, Li Jewels defends the image of a woman freed from any stereotypes and self-confident with her individual way of being.

Li Jewels likes to challenge the traditional concept of jewellery by creating feminine pieces based on brass, glass or plastic, materials usually not associated with luxury. For the brand, the essence of jewels is in their beauty and feminine expressions, and the real luxury lies on simple things. Li Jewels wants you to focus on the things that really matter.

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