Cry me a river- earrings, matte black

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1000% Acryl

Cry me a river- earrings are a great choice for anyone who likes statement earrings. They are bold in size but due to the material used they are light in weight and really comfortable in use.

Measurements: length 5.8 cm and width 3.2 cm

Cry me a river- earrings are made from mirror surfaced acrylic. The material is laser cut in Kallio district in Helsinki and assembled in our studio in Downtown Helsinki. Earring post and nuts are made of titanium, the nut is made of surgical steel and it has also a PVC flange. Jewelry is packaged in a elegant black cardboard jewelry box.

When storing your jewelry, please keep the it away form direct sunlight and water as discoloration of the metal parts and the acrylic might occure. A good place to store and transport your jewelry is in its original box. Also when wearing your earrings, please do not spray parfume or hair sprays directly to them as discoloration or surface damage might occure.

Jatuli was founded in 2010 by designer Nina Jatuli.

Jatuli products vary from evening wear to more casual looks. The brands products are decorated with innovative prints and interesting colour combinations. The collections of the brand contain both clothing and jewelry.

Strong graphic elements are combined to clean, Nordic cuts and innovative designs in all of the Jatuli products which makes all of them timeless classics.

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