Guardian of the Baltic Sea

Earrings Set - Bornholm Cuff & Skiffer studs - Gold-plated

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RecycledSilverGold Plated Brass

The set features a pair of Skiffer studs and one Bornholm ear cuff. Perfect combo for a minimal nordic look! Skiffer studs are shaped as one of the favorite island of Helsinki residents and visitors. Bornholm cuff gets its shape from Danish island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. Earrings are handmade and ethically produced in Finland from high-quality materials. Bornholm cuff is put on by pressing it to the upper part of the ear.

  • Available in recycled silver or recycled gold-plated brass.
  • Delivered in a gift box.
  • Register your own piece with a code included in the gift box and add your name to the list of guardians on our website.
  • Includes 20€ donation to Baltic Sea Action Group for their concrete work to advance the wellbeing of the Baltic Sea.

Guardian of the Baltic Sea’s new MAP -collection takes you to a journey through the beautiful archipelagos of the Baltic Sea. MAP earrings get their shapes from different islands in the Baltic Sea. The bracelet is shaped as the northernmost arm of the Baltic Sea – the Gulf of Bothnia. Each piece tells its own story of the sea reflecting the beauty from the barren cliffs and windy forests to the sandy beaches of these sanctuaries of the Baltic Sea.

So far, we have already donated 120 000€ to Baltic Sea Action Group! Our most famous guardians are the presidents of Finland Tarja Halonen, Sauli Niinistö, Victoria Crown Princess of Sweden, Sir Rischard Branson and over 3000 more!

Guardian of the Baltic Sea is a charity line of jewellery designed by Kehrä Interior from Finland. All the pieces are handmade in Finland from sustainable and high-quality materials. From every piece purchased a donation of 40 euros goes directly to BSAG, the Baltic Sea Action Group, a charity foundation that protects the Baltic Sea. In September 2013 the brand's first goal of 100 000 euros to this charity was reached and the money donated to BSAG.

Each pendant is a small action for a good cause and one link in a long chain which has a greater meaning for the future of the Baltic Sea. Let’s take care together of our beautiful sea and archipelago for us and the future generations to enjoy.

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