IVALO's Most Loved Pieces

We listed your current favourites and most loved pieces! Get to know the creations and find your new favourites!


Nokonen is an innovative fashion brand, created by designer Aino Kovalainen. The brand bases its production on ecological values, which is evident in all of Kovalainen's designs.

These light and airy pieces are perfect for the extreme heat we are having!

Uhana Design

Uhana Design is a Finnish design brand from Tampere.

The brand is known for its distinctive and laid back clothing and accessories. Uhana Design products are mainly made in Finland.


hálo’s women’s collection offers timeless treasures, everyday silks, life-long investment pieces and exclusive collections – everything a woman needs. Every product and series designed has a meaning and a story to tell which you can read more about when browsing the product details.


Lovia is a Finnish jewelry and accessory brand. The brand uses recycled and excess materials in its products.

Each Lovia product has an individual history. To pass it on to you, the brand has created the product DNA that reveals the material sources and makers behind each Lovia product.

Read the stories behind the brands and get to know the collections of Nokonen, Uhana Design, hálo and Lovia now!