FRENN x Stig Baumgartner

FRENN is always strongly inspired by art and architecture. For AW18 collection it is even more obvious with a rare collaboration with Stig Baumgartner, an award winning Finnish artist. Both FRENN and the artist have a strong story to tell through their work.

Baumgartner´s work is inspired by private experiences and memories and his oil paintings are infused with a dynamic sense of something having just happened or something about to happen. He makes no clear distinction between geometrical constructivism and abstract expressionism: both schools of painting have both an emotion-driven and intellect-driven side. Baumgartner’s works are found in Finland’s leading museums, and he has won awards including the William Thuring Prize in 2011.

Baumgartner is a perfect companion, a friend since many years, often wearing FRENN himself. The collaboration has resulted in a print taken straight from a painting called ”Light comes through”.