IVALO offers you the opportunity to join an exclusive group of professional designers who share an ambition to change the future of fashion.

- Ida Nyrhinen, Brand Manager at IVALO

IVALO is a very fresh and stylish way to draw inspiration from fashion. We are happy to be a part of its visionary take on the fashion business.

Outi Korpilaakso, LOVIA

Why join IVALO?

Start selling your designs online now

Selling your products online couldn’t be easier! The IVALO Designer Dashboard gives you the freedom to create and manage your own IVALO collection.

The world is your oyster!

IVALO wants to help you to connect with fashion lovers all over the world! Our marketing team works around the clock to make sure that your brand gets noticed.

No monthly fees

IVALO is a completely free sales platform. We take care of all the transactions between you and the customer. We only charge a small sales commission for the products sold. It’s a win-win situation for you!

Take your brand to a whole new level

IVALO is a family of designers and growth enablers on a mission to build a global presence for your brand.

Designer dashboard

  • Simple user interface to manage your products and orders

  • Easy, precise control of your inventory

  • Handle your vacation with one click

  • Manage your orders from one place

  • Receive monthly sales reports for your brand

  • 24/7 live chat-support with IVALO

  • Constantly updated with new interesting features

Designer dashboard

Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to join IVALO?

IVALO is completely free to join. Commissions are only taken when sales are made. IVALO also offers additional tailored marketing services to help you with your marketing campaigns. Ask our team for more information!

How do I get paid?

IVALO uses Stripe as a payment system. You can use your existing Stripe account to connect to IVALO or create a new one from The IVALO Designer Dashboard.

When do I get paid?

IVALO transfers money to your Stripe account as soon as a a customer makes a purchase. You can adjust payment dates in Stripe settings.

Is there a minimum number of products that I need to list?

We require you to have at least one published product. There is no upper limit.

Can I only sell within my own country?

IVALO is a global platform. Our goal is to help you sell globally. To find out more about the additional marketing services we offer you can contact us at Our in-house team of fashion marketing experts will build your brand presence internationally, secure new customers and boost your sales. Services include creating strategic blog posts, paid social media advertising campaigns, campaign report, target audience report and target market report.

How are the orders handled?

We will notify you when we sell your product. You will receive receipts right away. The only thing you need to do is to notify the buyer that you have started working on the order. The next step is to send the product to your new customer

Does IVALO handle the logistics?

You will send the product directly to the customer with your current logistics service.