Viona Blu

Viona Blu


Viona Blu is a Finnish handbag and accessory brand. The brand was born of the idea that no machine can replace highly skilled artisans.

All of Viona Blu's creations are handmade from start to finish – the aim is to make something extraordinary. To achieve that – Viona Blu makes the products from nature´s finest materials. The brand's specialty is using fish leather in their products. It´s not only a fashion statement – it is an ethical and innovative choice.

Viona Blu cherishes the thought that the creations they build will be with you for a long time. They believe that special bond between human and object made with great craftsmanship. The brand's aim is that Viona Blu creations are part of the stories of your life.

Viona Blu's atelier is a place where friends work together with great enthusiasm to create beautiful objects. The brand honors honest quality and passionately relates on everything they do.

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