Riikka Couture

Riikka Couture

Helsinki, Finland

Riikka Couture is a fashion brand that is highly known for its glamour, timeless style and unique creations of crystal fabrics and lace.

Founder Riikka Ikäheimo is a completely self taught clothing designer. With no experience in dressmaking, Riikka began her career in a small apartment, full of passion and vision.

Seeing gowns in her dreams, Riikka started sewing, using old curtains and her intuition, without any formal training in design.

She developed her skills by buying old fabrics from the flea market and turning them into stunning dresses. As she continued to create, her career progressed and led her to Paris to find herself.

The city of love soon taught her that she cannot be found, but rather she must be created. This marked the true beginning of Riikka Couture.

This T-shirt collection is made from three different models.

The Basic,The Crystals and The Custom made.

Choose the one that describes you the most and finish your style with something that is made from simplicity, glamour and elegance!

Welcome to live the life through Riikka Couture!

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