Maria Roch

Barcelona, Spain

Maria Roch's garments and collections are faithful to the noble materials, including all varieties of silk, cotton and viscose. Thanks to them, the finished designs are always vaporous, and so the template is the body itself. As a result, the dress takes on a different form for each woman.

Maria Roch rarely uses prints and focuses on the colours. Colour palettes fascinate Maria, and for this reason she usually includes five solid colours in each collection which are mixed and created by using dyes and fixations that are 100% natural. In this way, the fabric itself comes to be of importance, and texture is created in the collections through hand-embroidered pieces. These are designs that will survive the test of time, supported by a high-quality collection that is accessible to everyone, and they last forever. The collections are in opposition to ‘fast-fashion’, and they encourage each piece to adopt its own style. Each collection has a meaning and a concept which can be accessed by reading between the lines of the photographs, the video and obviously the name of the collection itself.