Karu Atelier

Utrecht, Netherlands

Karu believes in products that are made to last: in both quality and style. Leather has been used throughout time because of its durable and flexible nature. Their products are designed to be functional using minimal design, and left looking natural thus emphasizing the beauty of the leather. Karu is inspired by the beautiful, tranquil Nordic nature, and Scandinavian architecture, and stays true to its deeply embedded Finnish roots.

All Karu products are made entirely by hand in their own atelier, from the very first design concept until the finishing touches. Measuring, cutting, and saddle stitching all performed with traditional methods. They use the highest quality Vegetable Tanned leather’ from the certified Eco-Tannery ‘Tärnsjö Garveri’ in Sweden, and oversee every step of the production process, to ensure items that are made to last a lifetime.