London, United Kingdom

Menesthò is a sustainable luxury brand that creates vibrant, distinct but most importantly – ethical – fashion.

Menesthò offers designer clothing and is known for its unique designs and fabrics. Offering identifiable style and exceptional craftsmanship, Menesthò has become synonymous of quality resortwear made of organic fabrics.

The brand carefully selects their organic fabrics, ensuring their clothes are not only easy to care for but they are also comfortable to wear. All Menesthò's materials are sourced from Europe and the production is solely based in London in order to decrease the carbon footprint and ensure higher standards of employability for all people involved in the sector. Furthermore, with the brand's values of sustainable production in mind, Menesthò designs efficient collections that bring fabric waste to zero.

Menesthò's expressive and distinctive prints are exclusively developed by our talented team, featuring key characteristics of every season. They are digitally printed in London and used on all their lines.

Menesthò products