Clémence Flane

Clémence Flane

Barcelona, Spain

The Spanish handbag brand Clémence Flane is far from being somewhat conventional. The Creative Director and General Manager Teresa Mayayo defines the brands style as "perfect while chaotic". The brand was established in 2015 and has risen to a successful luxury handbag company that offers handmade premium quality accessories for your use.

The designer shares her vision of style and elegance through each Clémence Flane piece. She combines textures and colours in a way that makes the collections delicate with pure emotion. Perfect while chaotic. The simple combination of two antonyms. This is the spirit of the brand and how Teresa plays with two opposite ideas to blend them together.

Clémence Flane is gradually growing based on a strong and exciting pillar: A blend of purity and simplicity, with a touch of innocence and frenzy that generates a cocktail of art.

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