Tel-Aviv, Israel

Freedom Moses is a summer slippers brand that is founded by originally French fashion designer Sarah Gurt in Tel-Aviv. Moses makes summer slippers from a sustainable, eco-friendly new breed of plastic. Our slippers are not just cool looking, they're waterproof, washable, animal friendly, smell of milk & honey & are so comfortable you'll wear them in winter with socks.

The FREEDOM slippers are Animal friendly - meaning no animal testing or use of any animal parts in our production process. Moses sandals are made from environmental friendly PCU* plastic.

*PCU is derived from PVC and it is considered to be an environmental friendly form of plastic. It is less toxic and PCU plastic can be re-used in manufacturing. Using PCU plastic reduces the amount of waste from production that is usually really large. Moses sandals are made under the REACH supervision.

The FREEDOM slippers are produced in socially compliant factories in the P.R.C.

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