Helsinki, Finland

Vestiarium is a womenswear concept from Finland that was created to support and celebrate purposeful women of the world. To offer slow fashion for speedy women. Vestiarium is a utopia – a dream of a world in which each garment is regarded as a collectible that perfects your wardrobe.

For Vestiarium, ‘slow fashion’ means a gradually evolving collection. Each seasonal collection is a combination of newcomers and classics available from one season to another. It also means ethical, local production in family-run boutiques in Estonia and Finland. And it means high-quality natural materials and carefully fine-tuned designs. As a result, Vestiarium produces lasting pieces that their customers desire and need, eliminating excess and unnecessary use of resources.

’For speedy women’ means a fit-for-purpose collection especially designed for women who want to dress well, but have little time to devote to it. It means interesting, but of office-savvy designs. Clothes that serve these women from early morning to late evening, and are easy to combine and dress up and down.

Vestiarium products