AR by Anna Ruohonen

AR by Anna Ruohonen

Helsinki, Finland

AR by Anna Ruohonen follows the tradition of Finnish design; the forms are architectural, the cuts are carefully and through, the simplicity is intentional. Her ambition is to bring beauty to everyday life with elegant, high quality clothing.

The designer Anna Ruohonen has lived for 20 years in Paris. This has given her style a touch of femininity and elegance. Together with the minimalist and functional Scandinavian style of design, she creates clothing lines, that are strong, interesting, personal and recognizable. AR by Anna Ruohonen clothes are produced entirely in Finland. The materials are manufactured and the garments are sewn locally. The principles of concentrating on quality and reducing quantity reflect ecological responsibility.

The collections of AR by Anna Ruohonen do not follow the seasons; the products are timeless, they will be your favourite basics year after year.

AR by Anna Ruohonen products