Alius Artis Atelier

Alius Artis Atelier

Netherlands / Russia

Nadja Lee, the designer of Alius Artis Atelier, originally comes from a small town surrounded by forest and mountains in the Northern Russia. From the very beginning of her interest in jewelry design she wanted to work with a technique where she can show her gratitude to nature. All Alius Artis pieces she makes are unique and made by using organic ancient casting techniques.

The result is 70% work of nature and 30% human. That's the reason why Lee can only remake style, size and the materials (she works only with precious metals like silver and gold), but not the details of the piece - they are meant to be created organically by molds during the casting.

Alius Artis Atelier offers you a different kind of a jewelry line with sculptural forms, wrong shapes, independent lines. These beautiful pieces complete your look with their unique style.

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