A ka so


Akaso unites African artists and Belgian designers. All Akaso prints are designed by the Kara tribe in Ethiopia. The Kara are Africa's most authentic tribe, and renown for their body painting art. The Belgian founder of the brand traveled with two Belgian designers to Ethiopia to work with six young Kara tribe artists. Every print is an exact reproduction of an original Kara body painting design created on body or on paper, with each print symbolising a story of emotions.

Rooted in the oldest of humanity's traditions, Akaso favors a contemporary cut and clean details. The products are co-designed in Africa and manufactured in Europe with eco-friendly materials. Every Kara artist is paid as a western freelance designer.

Akaso is not an African word but a phonetic alteration of the Italian word 'a caso' meaning 'at random', symbolizing the many coincidences that let the Belgian founder to the Akaso vision. From the discovery of a book on African body painting art, the subsequent long diplomatic journey ultimately culminating into a blooming relationship with the Kara people based on trust.


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