Punainen Norsu

Punainen Norsu

Turku, Finland

The Red Elephant is at home in the meadows, in the woods, in the asphalt jungle and the swamps. The Red Elephant has its adventures in the back yards and parks. You can find it in the sandboxes and playgrounds, on ice-skating rinks, in the children's section of bookstores, in any place where children thrive.

Punainen Norsu is an ecological brand based in Turku, Finland. It was founded in 2004 by its designer, Helena Opas. We design fashionable and vibrant clothing for children, highlighting the importance of eco-friendly, sustainable and functional products. Punainen Norsu uses recycled and surplus materials on top of other ethical components in its collection.

Punainen Norsu’s products are designed in Finland, where most of the production also takes place.

Punainen Norsu products