Vuonue ja viipsinpuu

Vuonue ja viipsinpuu


Vuonue ja Viipsinpuu was established by Piia Aaltonen and her family.

Piia's love for fashion and craftsmanship pushed her to start her own brand. She really wanted to include her love of nature to her design and she sources her material from their own farm animals. The feathers come from their landrace chickens and the wool comes from their sheeps.

Ethical production is one of the main values of Vuonue & Viipsinpuu. The products are created at the family farm and as the used materials are also their own, they know each and every phase of their production.

Vuonue ja Viipsinpuu strives to make their products as lasting and as high quality as possible. The surrounding beautiful Finnish nature acts as a constant source of inspiration and the brand's design stands the test of time.

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