Miss Castelinhos Handmade

Miss Castelinhos Handmade

Cool clothes. Cool kids.

In my family, clothes would be passed on from generation to generation. I received clothes that had already been worn by brothers and sisters, cousins ​​or friends ... I remember longing for my older cousin’s dresses…

Each piece had a story to tell, which made it so much harder to throw it away. Also, clothes were made to last. Each seam endured pulling and stretching without tearing… and when it did tear, our mothers and grandmothers would lovingly mend it. My family was not special (well, it is to me), this was the way.

Nowadays, as a mother of two boys, I realize the same is not possible. The clothes are easily damaged and unwearable after a few cycles of wash and wear.

I want to create clothes that endure a playful childhood, that can be passed on and carry memories through generations. I believe if clothes tell a story it will be harder to throw them away…

Each garment is handmade with dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Any imperfections in the overall appearance are a natural characteristic.

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