Your favourites of 2017

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Your love for our emerging designers hasn't gone unnoticed! We listed IVALO's top 10 viewed products and top 10 viewed emerging designers.

2017 has been a huge year for IVALO. We have grown to be an international powerhouse for emerging designers. At the moment we have over 200 designers all over Europe and the search continues!

TOP 10 Products

10. Shuang Dress

Carls Bernsten - Shuang Dress

Carls Bernsten is the queen of feminin, find this amazing dress here!

9. Kärpässieni One Size Dress

VIMMA - Kärpässieni One Size Dress

Comfort with style. Find your new VIMMA favourite here!

8. Odette Skirt / Faded Black

Anni Ruuth - Odette Skirt / Faded Black

A classic translucent skirt by Anni Ruuth. Find it here!

7. Winona Dress

Jatuli - Winona Dress

Jatuli's snake print was one the most loved prints of AW2017. There are still few pieces left of this awesome dress, find it here!

6. Striped Green Copper Mohair Sweater

ODD ONE OUT - Striped Green Copper Mohair Sweater

ODD ONE OUT's knit-work really won your hearts over. Find this amazing sweater here!

5. Whip Earrings

Tyra Therman - Whip Earrings

Tyra Therman is one of IVALO's newest jewellery brands. Find these Whip Earrings here!

4. Swan Queen Top / Swan Blush

Anni Ruuth - Swan Queen Top / Swan Blush

Anni Ruuth's Swan Queen Top in Swan Blush clearly made you dream baby pink dreams. Find this amazing piece here!

3. AR10 Theatre Dress Black

AR by Anna Ruohonen - AR10 Theatre Dress Black

Anna Ruohonen's amazingly cut and designed dress is a must have piece of every wardrobe. Find it here!

2. Maggie Dress in black

Doriane van Overeem - Maggie Dress in black

In the second place we have this amazing Maggie dress that will not go out of style ever. Find it here!

1. Skandiparka

Vainio.Seitsonen - Skandiparka

Skandiparka got the most views by far. This amazing parka is still available here!

TOP10 Designers

10. Ahoy Design

Ahoy Design

Get to know Ahoy Design

9. A. Andreassen

A. Andreassen

Get to know A. Andreassen

8. A ka so

A ka so

Get to know A ka so



Get to know Dawn x Dare



Get to know ODD ONE OUT



Get to know LIIA

4. Anni Ruuth

Anni Ruuth

Get to know Anni Ruuth

3. Jatuli


Get to know Jatuli

2. Vainio.Seitsonen


Get to know Vainio.Seitsonen

1. Nokonen


Get to know Nokonen

Keep on making awesome, unexpected fashion finds with IVALO. Thank you all for this amazing year!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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