Vuonue & Viipsinpuu - Beautiful Jewellery Inspired by Finnish Nature

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Nature plays a great role in Finnish fashion design. Finnish designers draw their inspiration from their surroundings and the traditions of Finnish craftsmanship.

Vuonue ja Viipsinpuu - Ethical Feather Earrings Grey

Vuonue & Viipsinpuu was established by Piia Aaltonen and her family. Piia's love for fashion and craftsmanship pushed her to start her own brand. She really wanted to include her love of nature to her design and she sources her material from their own farm animals. Ethical production is one of the main values of Vuonue & Viipsinpuu and you can really see this in their designs and the materials they use.

Vuonue & Viipsinpuu designs are timeless and versatile.

Vuonue ja Viipsinpuu

Vuonue ja Viipsinpuu

Keeping the production in-house is helping Vuonue & Viipsinpuu to be one of the most sustainable brands there are in Finland. All of the materials they use come from their own farm animals; wool from their sheep and feathers from their chickens. All the materials are ethically modified and manufactured into jewellery and accessories. Everything Vuonue & Viipsinpuu produces is handmade.

Vuonue ja Viipsinpuu - Etchical Feather Earrings White

Vuonue ja Viipsinpuu - Beanie with light pink pompom

How did you get the idea to start Vuonue & Viipsinpuu? 

My dream a young girl was to move out of the city and just live in the middle of nature in the country side. My dream came true when our family acquired some land and we were able to built housing for us and our sheep and chickens.

The idea for the feather earrings was born when I was admiring the single feathers of our chickens. They were so beautiful! Luckily there are a huge amount of excess feathers in henhouse. Our sheep are incredibly soft and ideal for mittens and beanies.

How do you see sustainability affecting the fashion and design industry? 

I can see that firms and companies who are operating ethically and using recycled materials will grow and succeed in the future.

What values are you corporating into your design work?

Nature, being against fast fashion and disposable design. Our products are everlasting and classic, we do not follow any trends.

How important is it to you that you know the origin of your materials? 

Really important. By farming our own animals we can make sure that they are treated well and lovingly. This way they produce the best material we use in our products. Our farm chickens live in an old fashioned henhouse. In there they have the chance to sleep in the henhouse, enjoy outdoors, bath in the sand, hatch chicks and just enjoy their chicken life. Our beanies are made from lamb wool. The lamb are born in the early spring and grow enjoying the summer on the fields. With these methods we produce the softest wool for our beanies.

What inspirises you to create beautiful feather jewellery? 

I enjoy spectating the chickens and see what they are up to as I work on my own. My ideas tend to just pop up when I feel relaxed. Eventhough we have had plenty of chicks born every year, I still feel amazed that there are chicks born with different colouring.

How is the future looking for Vuonue & Viipsinpuu? 

Our future looks bright and interesting. Our business is growing all the time and at the moment we have a lot of retailers in Finland. Next step is to conquer the world.

What is your favourite product from Vuonue & Viipsinpuu? 

The grey ethical feather earrings. They go with everything and every situation.

Check out the brand page of Vuonue & Viipsinpuu.

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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