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Vestiarium - Creating Your Perfect Wardrobe

Vestiarium is a Finnish women's fashion label that focuses on creating beautiful clothes in a sustainable way.

Vestiarium - CONE BOLERO

Camilla Mikama and Tiina Tissari established Vestiarium with the sole purpose of creating so beautiful and wearable clothes that you don't actually need to fill up your wardrobe. In other words they create slow fashion with a passion. All Vestiarium clothes are meant to worn from year to year, never caring about the ever-changing mass trends. These amazing creations will keep their cool even after years of use.

Vestiarium - VIENNA DRESS

Vestiarium's new A/W collection is filled with beautiful pieces that really go together with your every day life. No need to worry about style, with these dresses, shirts and jackets you will never feel dull. You can find amazing materials like wool, mohair, merino and leather that really pamper your senses in every way.


Vestiarium is based in Finland where they do all of their design work. Their manufacturing takes place in Tallinn, just 40 km from Helsinki. This makes Vestiarium's quality very high and they guarantee that you won't be disappointed while wearing their designs.

Vestiarium - ROME DRESS

"A perfect wardrobe is a dream that can become reality. Step by step. That’s why we founded Vestiarium. To do our share for making dressing well easier, more enjoyable and ethical." Camilla Mikama and Tiina Tissari