Superwood 2017

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

IVALO attended Ivana Helsinki's Superwood Festival the past weekend with the IVALO x Superwood shop! See some pictures from our shop and get into the feeling of the magical weekend!

IVALO x Superwood shop

We had the pleasure of joining the Superwood Festival the past weekend with our IVALO x Superwood shop. The shop was filled with designs from some of our talented designers from Finland such as Lovia, Mirkka Metsola, Lotta Larissa, Mori Collective, Shy Vibes Club, Jatuli and WWOOLLFF CO. The weekend was full of music, magic and wonderful atmospheres that will continue to inspire us for a long time!

Get to the mood of our festival experience and see some pictures from our shop!

IVALO x Superwood accessories from Lovia, Lotta Larissa, Mori Collective and Jatuli

Shy Vibes Club's Excellent listener knit looking great on this happy festival-goer!

Darked tones and golden shimmer from Jatuli, Mirkka Metsola, WWOOLLFF CO, Shy Vibes Club and Mori Collective

Our lovely IVALO x Superwood shop keepers!

Leather jacket from WWOOLLFF CO and Welcome to the jungle bomber from Mori Colelctive in action

WWOOLLFF CO leather jacket in action

Casual and cool festival look

Cute pompom-sneakers gave this festival look its finishing touch

Finarte lounge next to us was the perfect place to relax

The hem of the hoodie dress was the perfect addition to this edgy look

Spotting some Jatuli Vipers on the dance floor!

Shades of pink and velour shoes - the perfect evening look

Some lighter tones from Mirkka Metsola, WWOOLLFF CO, Mori Collective and Shy Vibes Club

Mirkka Metsola's wonderful Eclipse dress looked wonderful on this festival-goer

Unique Ivana Helsinki dress was wonderfully styled with sneakers

The atmosphere at Hotel Rantapuisto was enchanting!

You could find some lovely styles and beautiful art behind every corner

Ida looking lovely in the festival sunshine

Loving the style of these lovely ladies!

Beautiful accessories from Lovia

Superwood Festival

Thank you to all of our lovely designers who accompanied us to the festival, and Superwood Festival for having us! See you next year!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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