Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking!

Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

Is the brighter and lighter weather getting you in the mood for pastels? Us too! Check out some of IVALO's most appealing pastel pieces and find your perfect spring fling that's everlasting.

As the lovely but still oh so cold, spring time is here again we cannot help but get into the sartorial marker of the season - the pastel colour palette! Now that the weather is turning into easy and breezy with golden sunshine and the memory of darker winter days is getting more distant, we almost automatically begin to shift towards softer and lighter tones that eventually transform our wardrobes into blooming bouquets with these romantic shades.

For the most blooming and bright additions to your wardrobe see the selection of some of IVALO's everlasting style pics in the shades we're all here for!

Purrdy in Pink

The selection of lovely light pink pieces is wonderfully wide on IVALO's webshop! Here are some wonderful pieces that'll definitely get you blushing and blooming!

Shanghaitofu delivere's the purrrdiest pinks!

Oh hello, baby blue

Light blue is a classic colour that never really goes out of style. See these baby blue pieces on IVALO and find the one that delivers the blues - but in a happier tune.

Acrata's mini Reflection bag is the perfect shade of icy blue

Lavender - the shade we're all after

Lavender, light violet, lilac pastel shade has made a successful comeback to our wardrobes since the runway looks took this trend to a new round a few years ago. Take on this trend and make it also your new favourite!

Mori Collective's Wool Jacket has the perfuct shade of lavender lilac!

Be the peachy dream that you are

We love the peachy tone! Get your apricot or peach (or whatever fruit!) shade on with these pieces!

DawnxDare's Enzobel chunky knit has a lovely shade of peach!

Now, go and get your spring pastel shades on and paint the town pastel!

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Stella Saastamoinen

Stella Saastamoinen

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